School Holiday Osteo for Kids

Welcome to our first-ever School Holiday Fee Drop. Don’t want to wait then click on the link below to book an appointment before they disappear.

💚 We love treating kids at Valley Osteo – and we think they love it too!

School-age children can present with an array of different complaints. From joint pain, muscle strain, altered gait, poor study posture, lingering sports injuries, to headaches and everything in between.

When there is an underlying musculoskeletal cause, osteopaths are your people! We will work with you and your child to work out the nuts and bolts of what is causing your child’s pain or discomfort and then help give you the skills and management plan to put the puzzle back together.


💰 School holidays are busy and expensive. We have come up with the perfect solution. We have dropped the fee on our children’s consults and places are filling up fast!

Initial Consult – Now $85. Was $105. Save $20.
Return Consult – Now $60. Was $85. Save $25.


So who does this apply to? School-aged children (5-17yo) only.
What if I’ve already booked my child in? The fee is applied automatically so everyone wins!
Can I still use my Private Health Insurance? Absolutely.


☎ Ring us on 9437 6268 to book or speak with reception if you have any further questions.
🖱 Book online for a NEW PATIENT or RETURN PATIENT here.

Please note it is our policy that any child under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult during treatment.

As with all osteopathic treatment it is common practice to have follow-up appointments.  Offering complete care is important for us. For children this averages between 1-3 follow up appointments after your initial consult.  These appointments will be charged at the normal fee if booked outside of the school holiday period.


👉 Want to know more about osteopathy click HERE.
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