Swimming is one of the highest participant sports across Australia. Swimming involves the correct positioning and orientation of all your limbs. However, if you’re not doing it correctly, this could lead to shoulder and limb pain.

The following article discusses how osteopathy may improve your swimming form.  Osteopathy can help correct any mistakes in poor form and help kick old habits.

Shoulder Pain & Osteopathy

Do you suffer from shoulder pain? Many people do. Osteopathic treatment may be what you’re looking for.

Pain in the shoulders has many different causes. The pain may occur in the joint itself, or in the many muscles, tendons and ligaments in the shoulders.

Shoulder pain is usually felt in the front of the shoulder, or at the top of the arm. Often, the pain is only felt when you move your arm in a certain way.

How osteopathy can help runners

For those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there is no better physical activity than running. Running can improve circulatory and cardio-vascular fitness, enhance muscle tone and lift your mood. However, like all strenuous physical exercise, running poses risks.  Runners can fall victim to a number of injuries, especially in the early stages; but even the most experienced runners can face them, especially during periods of strenuous training. So what treatments are on offer should you fall victim to serious injury, or require rehabilitative treatment?