Keep trying…

It’s been a long journey thus far, and I know a few are struggling. Stop, let go of the overwhelm and control what you can.

1. Make a list of goals – daily, weekly, and big fat hairy ones – then attack one at a time.
2. Work out every day – even if it is only a quick walk around the block.
3.Make a schedule and stick to it – set your intention and chose your behaviour.
4. Find your ‘whys’ – why do you give up?
5. Find some mentors – they don’t have to experts, just someone who will listen and offer support.
6. Stop comparing yourself with other people – if you don’t believe in your potential then noone else will.
7. Take care of yourself and think positively – we all have days when we lose motivation, but donโ€™t be too hard on yourself when they happen.

Source: mindtools.com